English summary

ASCALAE spol. s r.o. is a personal company of Petr Karásek, established 2012 as the successor of the more than 20-year career of Peter Karásek in managerial and advisory roles.

ASCALAE spol. s r.o. is focused on implementation of the dynamic changes in enterprises
  • systemic problem solving
  • restructuring or change management
  • crisis management
  • sale or merger preparation process
  • new principles set up after owners change
  • new strategy arrangement; new strategy implementation
  • process engineering
  • efficiency increasing, cost cutting
  • establishing of appropriate managerial team and training for full responsibility hand over; coaching, motivating
  • program for successors arrangement
Typical procedure for cooperation on the project
  1. Clarifying of visions and goals with the client
  2. Deep in-company analysis
  3. Preparation of proposals, how to achieve client´s goals or resolve existing company problems
  4. Wide discussions of proposals with client incl. prospective adjustments
  5. Approval of selected approach and plans by client; allocation of necessary resources, confirmation of time schedule and concluding the contract for stage of implementation (based on mandatory agreement)
  6. Action plan kick off, responsibility for the management of the company taking over
  7. Control milestones of action plan fulfillment
  8. Project finishing on schedule, project evaluating, responsibility hand over
  9. Follow up monitoring of the company future development, prospective corrections recommendation, mentoring or coaching of top management or owners if agreed with client
Brief managerial profile of Petr Karásek

Petr Karásek is manager focused on restructuring or another dynamic changes in companies (restructuring, transfer of production, crisis management etc.). In the past he worked among others as Executive manager of restructuring in Škoda Transportation, DISA Industries, KORD Group, Jablonex Group, AWELD and previously as a commercial director and member of board in Karosa – IVECO. His most successful project was rescue, stabilization as well as preparation for next development of traditional producer of heavy off road trucks TATRA.


  • 2008-2010 Faculty of Law, Masaryk University Brno, Nottingham Trent University – commercial, labour and corporate law (LL.M.)
  • 1998 – 2002 Shefffield Hallam University/MUVS - MBA
  • 1992, 1997, 2008 Silma, TOP Vision, ČMA
  • 1993 -1994, Language Link London, J.A.C. Academy – English Language
  • 1982-1987 Technical University Brno, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Personality – soft skills
  • Fast situation analysis, adaptation and flexibility
  • Problem solving analytical approach
  • Result & goal oriented
  • Forcibility and consistence in tasks
  • High engagement, management by personal example
  • Teamwork, delegation of tasks, regularly assessment
  • Strong personality, natural authority, empathy
  • „Big Picture“ and combinational ability
  • Outstanding communication and presentation skills
  • Loyalty to confirmed goals and expected results
  • Self-motivating person
Branch specialization
  • Engineering, Machine production
  • Automotive – automobile production
  • Automotive – sub components and technology
  • Sale – Czech Rep. and. Slovakia, Central and East Europe, countries of former USSR, partly West Europe, USA
Relevant experiences

TATRA TRUCKS, CEO (interim crisis management)

  • rescue, turnaround and restart of the company in the deep crisis
  • redesign of all processes according new company strategy
  • very positive economical results after 2 years mission

ŠKODA Transportation, CEO (crisis management)

  • turnaround of the company in the crisis, financial stabilization
  • implementation of efficient processes in production, logistic, purchasing; new products development

KAROSA - IVECO, Commercial Director, Member of Board

  • redesign of commercial activities in local market as well as in export, cooperation with Renault V.I. and Iveco
  • membership in holding/group teams (marketing and sale, production planning, product development)
  • organization of dealer network, after-sale-service, spare parts business, sales logistic reengineering and implementation new IS SAP; production/assembly transfer to ex USSR countries

JABLONEX GROUP, CEO of restructuring (interim management)

  • post-merger consolidation after joining 7 independent companies, necessary quick restructuring steps
  • review of all existing activities, focus on core business, outsourcing or termination of non-perspective
  • short-term strategy for company’s segments selected for next development, increase their value
  • cut off late deliveries (from initial 90% to <5%), financial stabilization, overdue receivables reduction by 30%, productivity increase in perspective plants by factor 4 (Czech Mint Division)
  • arrangement for sell-out of company’s recovered parts

DISA Industries, CEO (interim restructuring management)

  • restructuring the company with unsatisfied efficiency (part of international group in engineering industry)
  • redesign of company’s processes in engineering, production, logistic; project management implementation
  • productivity increase on particular orders/projects by 30%, quality claims reduction by 80%
  • orders/projects lead time shortening by 10%, shift in spare parts processes from 48 hours to 24 hours delivery
  • increasing the value of company before sell-out

KORD Group, CEO (interim management)

  • crisis management in production subsidiaries in Slovakia and Poland
  • group consolidation/restructuring, preparing of strategic merger

AWELD, CEO (interim management)

  • turnaround of the company with worsening results
  • process management, quality system and efficient motivation system implementation,
  • significant productivity and profit increase, stabilization and new strategy kick off

Other activities and roles:

  • Vicepresident of Czech Association of Interim management
  • Member of international Turnaround Management Association
  • Member of Board and advisdory panel of the Automoztive Industry Association of the Czech Republic


Possible involvement:

• as a partner - interim top manager (own private company ASCALAE spol. s r.o. focused on interim management)

• as a partner - freelancer